Cracow sightseeing.

There are places in Cracow where you can tell the whole history of the Country and the Nation standing in one spot. No matter where you would like to go with me, wether to see Wawel Castle or Kazimierz - both Jewish and Christian, the Royal Route or the newest district - Nowa Huta, I offer you my broad historical knowledge and, first of all, interesting stories about people and places.

Here are my suggestions for those who...

…don't have much time and want to see most the important and most beautiful places in town:

Wawel Hill and Old Town (2-3h):

You can't miss Cathedral and Wawel Castle! Later, walking along Kanonicza and Grodzka Street we will come to the Franciscan Church with amazing stained glasses designed by Stanisław Wyspiański, then to the Jagiellonian University to see Collegium Maius and finally we will reach the Main Market Square with the Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Basilica. 

…want to see the most important monuments in town and want to know more about Cracow's and Polish history:

The Royal Route and the Wawel Hill (3-4 h):

We will follow mostly the Royal Route. Starting from the Grunwald Monument we will go next to the Barbican, then we will pass under the Floriańska Gate and come to the Main Market Square with St. Mary's Basilica and the Cloth Hall, then to the Jagiellonian University, the Franciscan Church, along Kanonicza Street reaching eventually the Cathedral and the Wawel Castle.

...want to know more about history of Jews in Cracow:

Jewish Kazimierz and Ghetto (3-4 h):

Starting from Szeroka Street we will see Old Synagogue, then Remuh Synagogue and Remuh Cemetery. We will continue going next to Izaak Synagogue and Tempel Synagogue till the Nowy Square, then the Wolnica Square, on the opposite side of the Wisła River we will see Ghetto area and we will finish the tour in Schindler's Factory.

… want to know how a quiet village turned into huge steelworks:

Nowa Huta Tour (3-4h):

At the very beginning you will hear the story about princess Wanda, her tragic death and how Cistercian monks brought civilization to Mogiła village: we will see the Wanda Mound and the Cistercian Monastery, then we will jump in time to the XX century and we will see how new town and huge steelworks were created (the Central Square area and the Gate to the Steelworks), how communist authorities wanted to build the city without God and how they failed in it while visiting the Lord's Ark Church.

If you have your own ideas on what you want to see and hear - just let me know.
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